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As a thriving business hub Manchester continues to grow into a northern powerhouse, contributing more than double of the neighbouring Merseyside.

With transport links easily connecting the city to the entirety of the UK and airport links to over 200 destinations worldwide, Manchester will continue to be the heart of opportunity for students, young professionals and established businesses alike.

£17.3bn GVA

The city of Manchester boasts the largest economy outside of London. With a prosperous financial sector and innovative creative industry, an investment into Manchester is an investment into the North’s most productive business destination.


Manchester is estimated one of the UK’s largest boom in gross housing price as everyone from graduates to relocating businesses start to recognise Manchester as a genuine alternative to London.

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With three world-leading universities in the heart of Manchester, the city attracts over 85,000 domestic and foreign students every year. With so many career opportunities on the university’s front door, Manchester boasts one of the highest graduate recruitment rates in the UK.

A City of Champions

With 2 of the biggest Premier League teams calling Manchester home, the city is immersed in sporting history. From football to hockey, there are plenty of reasons for sports fanatics to choose Manchester and with professional level facilities like the world’s fastest velodrome, there’s a reason the city regularly has the second most visits in the UK every year.

Linking the UK to the World

With easy access to the M6, M62 and M60 there are plenty of routes to link Manchester to the rest of the UK. The local airport sees over 17 million passengers each year fly to and from over 200 destinations and the investment into HS2 line means Manchester is just a short ride from England’s major business hubs via train. With such strong links to the UK and the world, Manchester has swiftly become an enviable global city.

A Culturally Unique Nightlife

From the historic streets of the Northern Quarter to the music venues which have helped pave the way for global artists, Manchester’s nightlife has it all. Attracting students, businessmen and music fanatics from around the UK, an experience with Manchester’s unique culture usually leaves visitors staying more than just a night.

A City Built Around History

Manchester’s history is a rich tapestry of success, from Alan Turing to Oasis, the city is constantly innovating and improving. As a modern city steeped in history, Manchester continues to attract some the brightest minds and future innovators to its unique streets.

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