Bringing a realistic investment plan to students

09 Jan 2018

There are currently over 215,000 foreign students throughout the UK who are studying and working towards their first degree. Our universities are among the best in the world, attracting students from all over the globe. Whether it’s people travelling from China, the US or EU nations, there’s a strong opportunity for students to invest in their education in the UK.

Education isn’t the only thing attracting people to the UK, with London’s housing market drawing in heavy investment from a variety of other countries. However, while many would like to get involved with the lucrative housing market, for a clear majority of us, it is well out of our price range.

Having said that, it’s important to bear in mind that there’s more to the UK than just London. The North has plenty of investment promise and with our new investment platform you can get started with as little as £100.

With a 9% annual fixed rate, both foreign and domestic students can invest in any of our developments and watch their funds mature while they’re busy studying hard. The amount of money is entirely up to each individual, but a £2,000 investment in the first year of university would see a return of £2,360 by graduation. Even better, if you committed to a Masters, it could mature even further and return a total of £2,784.

By helping make investment open to everyone, our luxury property model has helped deliver a higher average return on investment than most major banks including the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Alongside helping students gain some much-needed cash post-university, we’re also giving them the opportunity to become first-time buyers with our luxury properties. If anyone is interested in purchasing one of the properties they initially invested in, they will receive a bonus towards the deposit.

While the Russian Oligarchs and Saudi Millionaires are busy investing in London’s ever inflating property bubble, we’re offering a realistic investment platform that will help both domestic and foreign students invest a little bit of money over the course of their degree to see a return of not just financial gain, but also the opportunity to get on the property ladder. Best of all many of our opportunities are based in Manchester, one of the country’s leading digital centres and Liverpool, a historic city filled to the brim with culture.

So, if you’re looking to invest your money, then our 24-month fixed investment offers a perfect platform for students looking to secure some money for when they graduate. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of some of the UK’s biggest cities. 

To see what investment opportunities we currently have for you, check them out here.

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