How Ultimate Homes is helping you invest in property

20 Nov 2017

In the past, investing in property has been a pipe dream for many. The banks and those with investment portfolios seemed to be the only ones able to muster up the extensive amounts of money required for the opportunity to reap the profits that can be made from the property market.

At Ultimate Homes, we want to give you the opportunity to invest in UK residential property. While this may sound daunting and complicated, we’ve developed a business plan that revolves around you.

Through your own personal mini-bond you will be able to invest in property developments all around the UK, becoming an integral part of the homes we develop. Even better, after the investment ends, you’ll receive your funding back with the interest it has accrued over the past 24 months.

All our investment opportunities are UK based and come with an annual fixed rate of return at 9%, so you know exactly what you can expect from your 24-month investment. Your investment is secured with a first legal charge and as a completely free extra, we’re offering investors a bonus property deposit contribution if they decide they want to purchase one of the properties.

If you’ve never invested in property before, there can be many concerns and questions that you may have regarding our process. To make it as clear as possible we’ve broken it down into 4 simple steps that detail exactly how you can invest.

  1. Choose a property – We give you the option to choose exactly which projects you invest your money in and with an entry level investment of £100, we give everyone the opportunity to get involved.
  2. Mini-bond investment – Your investment is then placed into a mini-bond. Typically, these are not transferable or redeemable before they have matured, so it’s important to remember that you are committed to a fixed term.
  3. Investors lend your mini-bond – A company will issue your mini-bond to individual investors, who will put that fund towards the project you selected.
  4. Receive your return – After the fixed-term is finished and the property has been built, we will return your investment to you with the added fixed rate of return on top of it, helping you make a profit of your investment.

We’re aiming to make investing in property easy for everyday people. There are great profits to be made and with our business model, you can start investing today from £100. 

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