How we can help first time buyers secure their first home

22 Nov 2017

Getting a foot on the property ladder can be tough for first time buyers who struggle to build the deposits required. Sometimes, a little bit of extra support is needed before a mortgage can be taken out and at Ultimate Homes we’re offering that helping hand.

Previously, investing in property development has only been available to the banks, or those with large, successful portfolios. At Ultimate Homes, we’re opening the doors to everyone who’s interested and for first time buyers who use our service, we’re also offering extra help in securing a deposit on any project they invest in. With a minimum of £100, you help provide funding to developments of your choice all around the UK.

There is always a risk with any investment you make, regardless of the product. However, with an annual fixed rate of 9%, our mini-bond service gives you a bigger ROI then some of the biggest banks like the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Alongside this, our service is also great for helping first time buyers get their foot on the property ladder. When you invest in a property with us, we give you a bonus towards the deposit of one of the new properties and with Stamp Duty now abolished on homes up to £300,000, first time buyers will have room in their budget to place stronger deposits and therefore secure better mortgages.

Through investing with Ultimate Homes, you will be able to own a slice of a new build development, while also giving yourself an advantage on the deposit and overall mortgage rates if you decide on settling into one of these luxury properties throughout the UK.

If you’re interested in working with us, take a look at how we can help you secure your future, or view our current investment opportunities and get started today.

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