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Placed in the centre of England Warwickshire finds itself right at the heart of the country’s train and road networks. The county is only a short journey from London and as more businesses look to decentralise, Warwickshire presents itself as a more scenic choice.

With a £90 million investment plan being implemented over the next 4 years, Warwickshire is looking to enable business growth and create a more autonomous local government. With thousands of jobs expected to be created by 2021, Warwickshire is swiftly becoming a hub of opportunity.


The average price paid for a house in Warwickshire throughout 2016. With the population of Warwickshire exceeding 500,000 and growing, the housing market will continue to remain competitive as the county continues to build on its economic successes.


The average increase in house prices over the past 5 years. With demand for housing outside of London increasing, Warwickshire is in a prime location to attract fresh businesses and skilled experts.

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An Internationally Renowned University

The University of Warwick’s business school was ranked 8th globally by Forbes for its Master of Business Administration degree, so it’s no surprise that the University has attracted nearly 25,000 students.

A Rich History Waiting to be Discovered

Warwickshire hides rich historic connections behind every rolling hill and in the creaking floorboards of each manor house. With shopping landmarks, acres of green spaces and a variety of sports from cricket to polo, Warwickshire makes an ideal location for families, students and affluent businessmen alike.

Direct Links to the Country's Major Cities

With the M40, M6 and several other major motorways passing through Warwickshire, the county has links to the entire UK. Major train lines easily connect the midlands to the north and south of England, with most prime destinations just a short ride away.

A Tale of Inspiration

Warwickshire has been the host to a number of important historic events that have helped define Britain. From the birthplace of Shakespeare to key battles during the civil war, Warwickshire has been a hub of British triumph throughout the centuries. With so much to discover throughout the county, students and businesses regularly look to Warwickshire to find their own midsummer night’s dream.

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